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Individual and community actions are important to mitigate the effects of climate change. To take a step further, your government has the power to make changes on a bigger scale. These can affect laws and our communities in their entirety as well as corporations operating in the country. When living under a democratic system it is important to remember that politicians represent the people. Voting is a way of using your voice as a citizen. 

Consider the recommendations below to see how you can make a difference.

Use Your Vote

Voting is both a right and a responsibility and so it is important to choose a government representative who shares your values and exhibits a commitment to environmental issues. Before you cast your vote, make sure you know what this person stands for. If you are not sure about their views, reach out to them via email or drop them a call.

Voice Your Concerns

If you believe that more needs to be done in regards to sustainability and environmental policies, voice your concern with your local politician or the relevant minister. You can ask them any questions about their policies or bring specific issues to their attention. When writing an email, remember to let them know that you are a voter and which constituency you come from.

Keep Informed

In order to bring up environmental issues with your TDs, it is also important to know what measures and actions are currently in place. Environmental social media accounts will spread the word with their followers about any updates regarding such policies. Your local city or county council website contains an ‘Environment’ section where you can view action plans.

Complete Government Surveys

At times, local governments carry out surveys to ask residents for their input surrounding their environmental and climate policies. Those will be available on your local city or county council website. Likewise, citizen assemblies will be organised to get citizen’s inputs.

Sign Petitions

Different environmental groups often start petitions to voice their concerns to the government. Follow environmental groups on social media as they will share any current petitions. Recently, the Climate Action Bill was amended because of a petition brought to the government by environmental groups – they work!

Join an Environmental Group

Friends of the Earth, Stop Climate Chaos, Extinction Rebellion are groups which organise people who are passionate about the well-being of our planet. They run different awareness or lobbying campaigns and connect like minded people who wish to keep our future possible.

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